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Lavender Tea

Lavender Tea

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Lavender Tea

Organic and wonderfully fragrant, pour some of the loose lavender into a Tea Infuser and add to cup of hot water. Feel the demands of the day slip away with each sip of our calming our lavender tea.

You may use our Lavender to add to a bath as well, by making a strong herbal tea and adding it to your bathwater using an empty muslin bag, you can get the full benefits of water-soluble plant medicine without leaving your tub a big mess of dried flowers and leaves.

Besides a soothing sweet aroma and calming subtle taste there are many benefits for each of our speciality teas, here are just a few. Look up the benefits to learn more and how to benefit from them, it's always best to do your own research based on your skin and body sensitivities. 

Benefits of Lavender

Tea: Calming nerves, helps brain fog, antioxidants, soothes headaches

Bath: Combats stress, fatigue and blood pressure, relieves muscle tension, improves sleep

Tea is in a flat bottom reusable organic cotton muslin bags

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  • Dimensions:  4" Width 1 1/2" Gusset x 7"
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