About 1986

The concept behind 1986 is to create innovative and multi-functional luxury candles, and pieces of furniture.  Slowly adding more products you would like to have around your home while you relax and burn a candle.  

Our candles are made from hand-carved marble from Pakistan, after shipping to Los Angeles where the wax is hand-poured. The candles are designed to be reusable and refillable. Each lid to the candle is designed to be used as an ashtray or to burn incense.

We are committed to designing never-been-done-before pieces and creating memorable connections through our fragrances. Our scents are unique because each of them are made using scent memory techniques. Each scent is developed  from memories of these places visited.

1986 uses organic coconut wax, it provides the cleanest burn available, and is among the first sustainable wax alternatives in the market. The final result is a mystical, cleaning-burning candle that never collects soot, exudes fragrance and is truly ecologically responsible. 

Our packaging is also designed to carefully consider the environment.