“Marylebone” the earthy scent produced when rain lands on the ground.

London, a September afternoon, grey clouds cover the skies. As the rain gently lands on the cobblestone streets, the bitter-sweet earthy fragrance of petrichor fills the air. Marylebone is the magical scent of rain and the earth combined.

Fragrance Notes: Petrichor, FleurD'Oranger 


“Marfa” a smokey bonfire in the desert, the strong fragrance of firewood and sweet endless passion.

Marfa, a September evening, the sunset begins by illuminating the clouds with a gentle orange glow. The grassy landscape reflects the warmth and fills the desert air with love and passion. A slight breeze blows in the soothing aroma of firewood burning in the distance. Marfa is the unforgettable fragrance of a desert bonfire and passion that feeds the soul.

Fragrance Notes: Patchouli, Smokey Bonfire, Fireside


 “Melrose” a rose-garden of freedom, the scent of divine femininity.

Melrose, a september afternoon, clear inhaling the sweet fragrance of white roses, bamboo and darjeeling. She rules this land and has no boundaries. She is seeking soul and finds freedom.

Fragrance Notes: Bamboo, White Rose & Darjeeling


“Megève” is the sweet yet crisp aroma of the elegant mont blanc landscapes. 

Megève, a February evening, the skies heavenly painted pink and the peaks white. The sunset’s soft yet crisp air fills the Mont Blanc landscapes with a sweet aroma. Every breath of this is a dream.

Fragrance notes: Crisp Verberna, Green leaves, Dewy Babmoo, Jasmin, Lily, Jasmin Leaf, Jungle Moss, Amber 


"Yosemite" the aroma of butterscotch giant sequoias, and ponderosa pine joined by the purifying waters of Glacier Bay and the calm scent of dusk. 

Yosemite, an October afternoon, hiking through the coniferous forest of ponderosa pine, fig, and enormous sequoia trees, breathing in new life, looking up at the chestnut skies, she feels alive.  

Fragrance Notes: Alder, Bergamont, Bay, Ivy, Treemoss, Musk, Rhubarb, Magnolia, Peony 


1986 candles are hand-carved, handcrafted timeless marble candles. Designed to be reusable and refillable with our custom refill kits. Each candle comes with a lid which maybe enjoyed as an ashtray or to burn incense.

Our fragrances are developed using scent-memory techniques from memories of different places visited.

The purity of the coconut oil allows fragrances to burn true, releasing the natural perfume without distortion. The final result is a mystical, clean burning candle that never collects soot, exudes fragrance and is truly ecologically responsible.

 1986 offers services to create custom fragrances for brands and spaces, creating immediate and memorable connections with the brand to the consumer. 

“07” Candle/Table

The 07 candle is an original  hand-carved design by 1986. Its versatility makes this art piece a treasure for an indoor or outdoor space. It can be filled with any of our fragrances.